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What's your passion? Why personal experience matters in charitable giving

Have you ever wondered why someone gives to an organization, what drives him or her? Did someone ask her? Did the organization personally impact his life? We recently interviewed Patty and Paul Mendlik about their decision to create an endowment in the Catholic Futures Foundation that funds a cause they care deeply for: Catholic education.

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St. Augustine Invests in the Next Generation

Thanks to an educational endowment managed by the Catholic Futures Foundation, St. Augustine Indian Mission continues its century long mission of educating Native American students in rural Nebraska. The foresight of school leaders in 1993 has provided the Mission with a steady and reliable income. And knowing that its investment is well managed by the Catholic Futures Foundation’s team of investors gives its leader, Fr. Mark Beran, a sense of security.

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Making Her Mother Proud Drives Mercy Student to Succeed

The gift of a Catholic education can transform the life not only of one child, but of that student’s entire family. Mercy High School senior Alexis Hernandez-Portuguez explains how her mother’s dream of giving her children a Catholic education finally came to fruition thanks to tuition assistance provided by generous donors and managed by the Catholic Futures Foundation. Sr. Delores Hannon, RSM, president of Mercy, witnesses how this assistance keeps Mercy’s doors open and opens doors for her students, year after year.

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Our impact in action

Watch to see how the Catholic Futures Foundation impacts our communities.


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