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Accelerate your impact on the future of our faith with the Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska.

Helping you create a legacy is our cause

The Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska believes in supporting faith-filled Catholics looking to make an impact to create a legacy of support for the Catholic organizations. We deliver results that have benefited parishes, schools and ministries across the archdiocese since 1975.

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Why choose Catholic Futures Foundation?

Catholic Identity

Our investment strategies are based those established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Professional Management

Funds have a competitive fee structure and independent oversight to protect endowed assets.

Simple Process

It's easy and simple to create a donor-named fund so you don't have to wait to start making a difference.

Proven Results

Trusted by 200+ funds benefiting parishes, schools, apostolates and outcomes important to Catholics in northeast Nebraska.

Case Study: Paul & Patty Mendlik

Helping make Catholic education more accessible

Paul and Patty Mendlik were looking for a managed fund that would allow them to help families who wanted a Catholic education for their children but needed some extra financial help. After doing some research, they decided on the Catholic Futures Foundation. The process was simple, professional and its values were in line with their values. After putting their three children through St. Pius X Catholic School and Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha, the Mendliks now are helping other families do the same through the Catholic Futures Foundation.

Our Simple Process

Four easy steps to creating your fund

Step 1: Choose who to help

Step 2: Complete an application in-person or online

Step 3: Sign fund agreement

Step 4: Contribute to your fund

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