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Since 1975 the Omaha Archdiocesan Educational Foundation (OAEF) – followed by the Omaha Archdiocesan Parish Foundation (OAPF) in 1996 – has had a singular focus: to sustain our Church for future generations. In partnership with donors, account holders, parishes, schools and ministries, we work toward a common purpose of transforming lives.


We continue to be focused on the future as we move into a new era, bringing the OAEF and OAPF under a single name: Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska. With a renewed dedication to service and growth, our goals remain the same – sustaining Catholic schools and parishes. We will continue our efforts to be faithful stewards of all gifts that are entrusted to us and manage funds with trust and integrity. We strive to model Christ in our actions. We believe in faithfully building communities, and we are focused on stronger futures that will transform lives.

“Many of the schools and parishes wouldn’t have what they have today if it weren’t for endowments.”

James Fehringer, Catholic Futures Foundation Emeritus Board Trustee


We have been making an impact in our communities for nearly 50 years.

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It all starts with a conversation. We want to learn what matters most to you and, as your partner, connect you with giving opportunities that will help you achieve your charitable objectives. Whether you are interested in giving to an existing fund or want to learn about creating your own fund, we can help guide you toward making a gift that is most meaningful to you.

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