By Bonnie Nebuda
Stewardship & Development Officer

March 3, 2023

“Catholic education is important to me because of the great, positive environment. The scholarship has helped me advance to the best education I can receive.”
– Jacob, past recipient of the Ms. Tessie O. Edwards Memorial Scholarship


In 2022, the Ms. Tessie O. Edwards Memorial Scholarship distributed $27,818 to 24 students attending our eight metro Catholic high schools.

Since 1994, 399 students have benefited from this scholarship.

The Black Student Catholic scholarships are funded through the Black student Catholic Scholarship endowment trust, held in the Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska (CFF), contributions to Joy of Giving and a distribution from the Stanley R. Osborn Trust. The
endowment with the CFF is sustained through annual contributions from donors throughout the Archdiocese.

Of the 24 students who received scholarships this year, 21 of the
students beautifully share what the Black Student Catholic Scholarship has done for
them, how their Catholic high school experience has impacted them and how they plan to make a
positive difference in the future. You can read their stories in the annual report.

Donors can visit the giving page on our website at anytime to support the Black Student Catholic Scholarship Fund.
Donors can also give to the Black Student Catholic Scholarships fund during Joy of Giving,
the Archdiocesan annual day of giving on April 26, 2023.