By Bonnie Nebuda
Stewardship & Development Office

October 21, 2022

Welcome to the Catholic Futures Foundation website! CFF continues to provide professional and expert oversight for our account holders and investments based on Catholic values, transparent communication, timely gift administration and excellent customer service…even in a time of staff transition.

I would like to thank Tim Bogatz for his dedication over the past three years in seeing the CFF through a rebranding of the foundation and digitizing much of the administration and it’s funds.  With his help we are poised for a future of growth, and we all wish him well on his new endeavors.

Shannan Brommer continues to support the foundation as the Stewardship & Development Director for the Archdiocese of Omaha and is a member of the Archbishop’s leadership team.

Tony LaMar continues to bring his expertise in Legacy Planning to donors who wish to contribute to the Foundation with a gift that will truly continue to tell the story of their legacy.

Josh Pfeifer, has been with the Foundation for the past year, providing administration of the scholarship programs for Catholic Schools across the Archdiocese and the grant program which provides funding to our parishes and schools who apply.

I, Bonnie Nebuda, am the newest member of the Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska as the Foundation Officer.

I bring with me a diverse spectrum of fundraising and development skills, having spent the past nine years as a Director of Advancement for St. Patrick Parish and Archbishop Bergan Catholic School in Fremont, Nebraska.  Community development is a passion of mine, and I am fascinated by the various levels at which community betterment can take place, including at the most basic level, in our parishes and schools of the Catholic Church.  It is my goal to help organizations and individuals create the relationships they need to meet their goals of actively sustaining the Catholic Church in northeast Nebraska.

So many people have served the foundation over the years.  I would like to say, ‘Thank you!’ for all you have done to sustain our Catholic parishes, schools and ministries in northeast Nebraska. Your hard work, generosity and faithful leadership is inspiring.  You are a role model as we continue to build the Catholic Futures Foundation.

If you are new to our website, please continue to browse to learn more about the CFF and how we can serve your charitable giving needs.  I invite you, as donors or Parish/School/Ministry organizations to contact me if you have any questions or would like to explore ways the CFF can serve you, whether it’s opening a new account, contributing to an existing fund or exploring the idea of moving funds to the CFF.  Each collaboration will strengthen the good work of our parishes, schools and ministries, to help build a stronger future for our Church.

Best Regards,