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St. Augustine Invests in the Next Generation

By Catholic Futures Foundation Office May 27, 2022 Is your school or parish thinking about establishing an endowment fund? The Catholic Futures Foundation can offer your investment a safe and secure home managed by a team that is dedicated to service, transparency and...

Making Her Mother Proud Drives Mercy Student to Succeed

By Catholic Futures Foundation Office May 27, 2022 The gift of a Catholic education can transform the life not only of one child, but of that student’s entire family. Mercy High School senior Alexis Hernandez-Portuguez explains how her mother’s dream of giving her...

What’s Your Passion?
Why Personal Experience Matters in Charitable Giving

By Catholic Futures Foundation Office December 3, 2020 Have you ever wondered why someone gives to an organization, what drives him or her? Did someone ask her? Did the organization personally impact his life? We recently interviewed Patty and Paul Mendlik about their...

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